One evening, while watching a programme on television about our beautiful English coast and countryside, I was sat looking through my book of crochet blocks trying to choose a design for my next Afghan blanket, however, nothing was inspiring me at all. It was my partner, Mike, who suggested sunflowers. Wow! what a fabulous idea, so this is where it began…..

This blanket is MTO and can be made up to any size you want. Contact me for prices.

Now I had the vision and idea locked into my mind, I began searching the internet for the correct colourways and, after a lot of research I was happy with my choices.

I have made this stunning Afghan a few times already, and as I write this post, I do have one completed and ready to ship in my Etsy Shop, JillyMix. However, they are also available as a made to order item, so I can make them up in any size to suit depending on your individual requirements.

Thank you for looking :0)

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